The Unique Creative Wonder Building Design

The Copyrighted building design was developed with child development and safety in mind. It is the brainchild of Architect, George Gele.' He took the basic concept that each age group has different needs with learning and security.

Your Child's Present and Future

The Creative Wonder Learning Center opened in Ascension Parish in the Fall of 2002 as one family’s vision to use our many skills and vast experience to improve early developmental childcare. We are dedicated to this cause; and we are dedicated to your children.

Parents face many questions for their children today. Where do I place my child during the day? Is my child receiving loving care? Are they safe? Are they learning? Will they be prepared for Kindergarten and first grade? If these questions sound familiar, we offer affirmative, solid answers.

Many child and daycare options today offer little more than babysitting services. The Creative Wonder Learning Center strives to develop a comprehensive child care plan that sets us above the rest of the industry. Each child is loved, challenged, inspired and taught the necessary skills that are required for advancement to the next level of schooling. We call this experience the “Journey in Learning.”


Success Stories

With the Creative Wonder Learning Center's unique approach to childcare today, we appreciate responses from valued parents. We thank them for their willingness to share their experiences with the public.


Thank you so much for the incredibly sweet, loving note you sent to me. I can’t tell you how special you made me feel when you told me what you did for Timothy. As a working mom, the hardest thing, without question, is having to leave my babies for someone else to care for.

Over the next months, you will spend more waking time with my son than I will. That’s a tough fact for me to live with, but knowing how you have loved and cared for him makes everyday a little easier for me. Thank you again so much for sharing that time with me. It touches me more than I can explain.

With deepest sincerity, Madison M.


Your child's journey to academic excellence starts here.

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