Safety & Architecture

CWLC Architecture & Safety

Architect: George Gele'

  • LSU Class President for Architecture in 1971
  • Bachelor in Architecture in 1971 from LSU
  • Licenced Louisiana Architect since 1975
  • Winner of 5 State Design Awards for work on Energy Efficient Housing
  • Chief Architectural Planner for La. Facility Planning & Control
  • University Architect of LSU for 7 years
  • Director of Facility Development at LSU for 4 years
  • Current State Architect for La. Department of Transportation and Development, 2000 to present.

Security & Safety:

Security and safety starts where it should: The Creative Wonder Learning Center front door. The facility is equipped with a coded key-pad entry. Each parent is given an individual entry number. The second security point is at the mandatory sign-in area for parents and guests. Beyond the security zone, parents must walk through the administrative wing before entering the Hub and classroom areas.

These security standards continue into the 6 play yards. Each play yard is locked and completely enclosed with 6′ fencing which provides a safeguard for the children. Each age specific yard is also visible at all times by teachers and staff.

Training of the staff members is essential for safety. We ensure that every teacher has proper updated training. The center meets the State guidelines for training in CPR and First Aid. The walls and ceilings of the building are constructed of fire retardant steel panels. Monthly fire drills are conducted to practice emergency situations.

Each classroom has a speaker system that is connected to the administrative wing. Managers and teachers have constant communication throughout the day.

The site and building meet the national ADA Handicapped accessibility requirements.

Building Form and Function

The Copyrighted building design was developed with child development and safety in mind. It is the brainchild of Architect, George Gele.’ He took the basic concept that each age group has different needs with learning and security.

There are 5 separate classroom wings, one for each age group. There is 1 administrative wing complete with a full kitchen. The unique design allows for 6 separate play yards, one for each age group. Dedicated classrooms and play yards for the children mirror the transition from grade to grade they experience in elementary and secondary school.


Each classroom wing has multiple teaching sections. Children experience new tools for motor skills and mental growth as they progress from wing to wing. For example, the infants have an area for cribs, crawlers and sleepers.

The Main Hub

This open area is in the center of the CWLC. The hub functions as the central gathering area for events ranging from the children’s plays, parades and graduation. It also serves as a dry option to the play yards during rainy weather.